‘Cursing is just as senceless with him as hitting a donkey, It is always counter productive.’

Hans Kraay about…Tscheu La Ling the misunderstood genius

Tscheu La Ling is just as fanatical as Wim Jansen. This asks for an explanation and then there shall still be people pointing at their forehead. Mental fighting spirit is something like fast power. Every human being has gotten a certain amount of both from mother nature. You can work on it, try to develop it. The base inclination shall always be the limiting factor. Ling can look you in the face full of ignorance when one blames him a lack of efford. Ling: “I am always stepping on to the field to play well”. If this does not work out, the inspiration is gone or not optimally there, he becomes a passive player. Wim Janssen starts to fight for it then, Tscheu La Ling could not do that. A serious injury has changed him. The fear never being able to play again brought him nightmares. The admiration which he recieves, the cheering at succeded actions are flattering his vanity. “I am going to make it internationally”, he says at a certain moment. Twenty-five is La Ling, then indeed the best period of a player indeed still has to come. Without a doubt Ling has the physical qualities a top-class player needs. He is certainly quick, strong and skilful. His biggest strength is his technique to pass opponents by. With long, slow movements he is going straight at his opponents. If he is out of balance he passes by with the outside of his right foot over the left side. Perilous for a defence, it then has to respond to a new situation. His weak points: a not so good left leg and absolutely no feeling for defending along positionally in time.

Dick Schoenaker, Tscheu La Ling and Sören Lerby are being honoured before Ajax - FC Groningen for their jubilee at Ajax

Tackle on Tscheu La Ling during MVV - Ajax 0-2

For artists on the wing like him there shall always be place in football. Moreover Tscheu La Ling has the expression of an artist when he is in his stride, the mass recognises the player in him that is different. He just as easilly brings up anti feelings. Tscheu is wha you call a „pretty boy", wh is aso not doing bad financially. Woman kind of like this, not all of th men can appreciate this just as much. Also because of this he shall always be criticised. Ling: “I do not care about cirtics”. That would be abnormal, wh isn't there sensitive for critique? It looks more like he is too sensitive about it and then takes on the attitude of: you can all just drop dead, next week there comes another match. If you are craving for international recognition, is looking at you disbelieving when turns out Coen Moulijn does not think he is a top player, then critics really have got influence on you. He is a too relaxed personality to lay awake from it, but it does irritate him.

Cursing is just as senceless with him as hitting a donkey. It always works counter productive. He shall then look at you mockingly or ignore it. Ling is a self-willed, proud and a bit arrogant man. Dealing with football more fanatical than one can see at him. In his own way really very serious and interesed in everything there happens in the football world. His natural gift did not do any good for the lazy side of his character. Torturing himself very conditional trainings is a burdon. Still he loves to train, it then has to be fun and with the ball. Formal Ajax-trainer Ivic found a way to inspire him, luckilly for Ajax and Ling himself Linder can also do this.

With a long distance shot Ling puts the defence of De Graafschap under pressure / Ajax - De Graafschap 9-1

Tscheu La Ling is cheering after his goal against FC Groningen (6-1 victory)

At certain people Tscheu La Ling shall always invoke resentment and at others adoration. Either you like him or you don't. Tscheu La Ling has style, he hasn't yet reached the top class. For this you have to be a dominant player over a period of years, being able to cary a team. The qualities of the star are present, hopefully the injury trouble he has had has chastened him. Before the interview I had my doubts about the stability in the character of the football player Ling. As the conversation he started to turn. But we were sitting lazy outside in the sun, that is something else than feeling the hot breath of a kicking defender in your neck.

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